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Xbox opens new dimensions of the electronic maintenance: with most modern hardware, each quantity interesting plays and new on-line technology. The most current pieces of news >>>

Xbox has properly power under the hood : With 733 mc/s CCU, the rapid diagram chip, that and that 10 GByte hard drive the video game system is perfectly prepared 64 MByte large workspace for the future... >>>

Already for the start of the Xbox in the spring 2002 numerous high-quality titles will be available - Fun sport Games turned off by the packing Adventures and games of roles over bang-hard Shooter and weld-rubbing act ion plays up to realistic sport Simulationen and. >>>

Xbox 360 3 Red Light Error >>>

Xbox360 Wireless Network Adapter add-on review >>>

The Games
Adjust to see your past favourite Games with new eyes and besides from a lot of new plays to be astonished be able. Here a small outline for the Xbox start available title: :

Halo is a Actiongeladener Science Fiction Shooter, which is settled in a mysterious ring world. The player moves to foot and in vehicles by the numerous interior and external levels and fights its enemies both with terranischen and Alien weapons.


Dead or Alive 3 is one the most exciting and technologically most progressed Beat'em Ups that ever on a console one published. Breath-robbing diagram representation, easy control, dynamic combat arenas, hectic multi-player fights and the attractive female characters make the ultimative Beat'em UP from DoA 3.
: Munch's Oddysee is a 3D-Adventure, which shifts the player into the role of Abe and Munch - an unequal pair of anti-heroes, which must outwit the gefraessigen Glukkons and the malicious Vykkers. The job: Save the queen of the Mudokons and return you to it the last glass of Gabbiar!

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X-BOX up to date

Fire up-to-date - halo wins the hearts the PC play magazines
The two prominent PC play magazines, Gamestar and PC Games, show in your December outputs, which is into halo. Thus George Valtin says of PC Games "... a Ego Shooter of the top class, to it gives it to nothing at all too deuteln ". And Joerg of long ones of Gamestar " the play halo... is first cream. I experienced a so well designten beginning of play rarely ". Both magazines are at present at the kiosk available and both give it also with DVDs, the halo as kurzfilm present.

- Xbox 360 isos & torrents

The official sales start is certain , and thus Christmas eve is now to 14-03-02 for all Gamer. With this display background you will forget in no case.


Xbox try out - already in December
Look again shortly past, if them to know to want, where and when you can experience Xbox live.

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